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Drobo’s New B1200i Storage Product Delivers Most Automated, Application-Driven and Affordable Storage on the Market Today

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 24, 2011 - Drobo, makers of award-winning data storage products for businesses and professionals, today introduced a new Drobo for business solution, the Drobo B1200i, which features technological breakthroughs and an unprecedented combination of automation, affordability and application awareness for the small and medium business (SMB) market.

The new 12-bay Drobo provides business customers with a unique storage solution for VMware, Microsoft Exchange and other business applications – offering advanced and sophisticated capabilities for customers without large enterprise budgets or deep storage expertise. The new Drobo takes an application-driven approach to storage, cutting cost and complexity while automating modern data protection, capacity planning and application performance.

The new Drobo B1200i builds on Drobo's track record of providing "Small Box, Big Storage" by delivering a solution that is uniquely:


  • Automated BeyondRAID™ technology optimizes advanced data protection without the need for specific storage expertise or configuration
  • Automated thin provisioning and reclamation delivers enterprise-class expandability and storage utilization features in a simplified, automated manner
  • New, automated data-aware tiering solves performance tuning issues that have traditionally taken storage administrators weeks or months to address


  • Adjusts in real-time to changes in application workload, without the need for user or admin intervention and tuning
  • Uniquely utilizes SSD technology in the same pool as conventional disk drives to accelerate the most demanding operations – automatically, based on application workload


  • Available at prices starting under $10,000 for 12 TB of SAS storage
  • The most efficient and cost-effective way to utilize SSD technology – unlike traditional tiering or SSD solutions, Drobo allows customers to incrementally add SSD drives in the same box and in the same storage pool as traditional media – resulting in optimal price-performance
  • Designed, like all Drobos, to be the easiest to use and most automated product in the market, resulting in reduced configuration and tuning time, and lower operating costs

Supporting Quotes

"There are three major challenges for SMB storage and backup - data protection, capacity planning, and application performance optimization. Drobo represents something new for SMBs: easy, automated, hands-free, no-tuning, application-driven storage and it solves all three primary storage challenges at an affordable price. Application-driven storage addresses the way business works today."
-George Crump, president and founder, Storage Switzerland

"Applications are at the core of any business and virtualization enables organizations to deploy the infrastructure required with flexibility and agility. Storage is the foundation for every virtual environment and Drobo's iSCSI products are designed for simplicity and stability, to optimize virtual machine and application performance. Drobo's data-aware tiering technology provides enterprise capabilities to organizations that don't want to spend time tuning, and they want storage to be smarter – simple, scalable and automated."
-Duncan Epping, author of Yellow-Bricks, a leading virtualization blog

"Automated data-aware tiering is as revolutionary to application performance as BeyondRAID™ was to easy and reliable data protection. SMBs are often forced to cobble together multiple, expensive solutions, spending disproportionate money and time on storage rather than delivering applications that meet user needs. Drobo for business is different in that it continues to meld even more 'big technology' with 'Drobo ease-of-use', all in one box - for the best storage experience ever."
Tom Buiocchi, CEO, Drobo

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The new Drobo 12-Bay iSCSI SAN storage for business model B1200i is available now for purchase at

Drobo and Veeam Deliver Optimized Data Protection Solution for VMware Customers

Industry Leaders Combine Best-In-Class Products to Provide Easier, More Affordable Backup and Replication for Virtualized Environments

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 29, 2011 - Drobo, makers of award-winning data storage products for businesses and professionals, today announced that it has collaborated with Veeam Software, innovative provider of VMware data protection, disaster recovery and VMware management solutions for virtual datacenter environments, to deliver a simple and affordable data protection solution for small and medium businesses (SMBs). The joint solution between Drobo's SAN storage for business product line and Veeam's Backup and Replication software provides SMB customers with a comprehensive storage, backup and replication solution for production VMware environments.

"The Drobo B800i or B1200i combined with Veeam is a 'dream team' combination for VMware backup and replication," said Charles Bass, vice president of vendor relations and strategic accounts for storage distributor Promark Technology. "It's a proven solution -- there are hundreds, if not thousands of small and medium business customers already using Drobo and Veeam together. Drobo delivers automated on-site data protection; Veeam adds industry-leading backup and replication software, and both are VMware Ready Certified technologies. What more could you ask for?"

"Drobo is committed to ensuring customers have access to the best software solutions for VMware backup and replication, and Veeam has clear industry recognition as a leader in the space," said Tom Buiocchi, CEO of Drobo. "We're excited to be a part of such a compelling solution that many of our mutual customers have already deployed and endorsed."

Drobo's business products are currently the storage of choice for over 25,000 business customers, and Veeam's Backup and Replication software protects more than 1.5 million virtual machines worldwide.

"We've relied on Drobo for disk-based backup for our VMware environments, and Veeam supplemented the built-in Drobo capabilities with great software-based replication for VMware," said Rick Louie, Director of Infrastructure at OnTargetJobs. "We believe that these two products together create the best value on the market, and their responsiveness to our requests for mutual certification prove we've made the right investment."

Drobo products, known for being uniquely automated, application-driven and affordable, are based on patented BeyondRAID™ technology and certified for use with VMware, Veeam, and other leading technology products. Drobo's most recent SAN Storage for Business product, the model B1200i, further extends the company's technological innovation with the introduction of automated data-aware tiering.

Drobo will be demonstrating these solutions, including the new Drobo model B1200i, at VMworld booth 1153 in Las Vegas August 29th thru September 1st.

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