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TechSuperstoreâ„¢ is a reseller of professionally refurbished Sun Fire Servers. We can help you save time and money when purchasing Sun Microsystems products. Our sales professionals are Sun Microsystems experts and can assist you with any questions you have about Sun Fire Servers. We also offer warranties, repair services, and leasing for Sun Fire Servers. Browse our inventory of professionally refurbished Sun Fire Servers and other Sun Microsystems products on our website. Call us anytime or send us a message online for fast responses to your questions. Thanks for shopping online @ TechSuperstore!
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Sun A65-PPZ2-BH-8G-KB7 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - A65-PPZ2-BH-8G-KB7 Sun Fire X4200 Server A65-PPZ2-BH-8G-KB7 - 2xAMD Opteron 290 CPUs, 8GB RAM, 2x146GB 10k HD
Sun A87-FPZ2BH8GKBA Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - A87-FPZ2BH8GKBA Sun Fire X4200 M2 Server A87-FPZ2BH8GKBA - 2xAMD Opteron 2220 CPUs, 8GB RAM, 2x146GB HD
Sun A76-PGZ2-16G-HMH Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - A76-PGZ2-16G-HMH Sun Fire X4500 Server, 2 Dual-Core AMD Opteron Model 290 Processors, 16 GB 8 x 2 GB DIMMs PC3200 DDR1/400 Memory, 48 x 500 GB 7200 rpm SATA Disks, 24 TB, 2 Power Supply Units, Service Processor, 4 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 x 64-bit/133 MHz PCI-X slots, 1 x 64-bit/100 MHz PCI-X slot, VGA port, Slide Rail Kit, Cable Management Arm, Solaris 10 Operating System Preinstalled, RoHS-5 Compliant Part # A76-PGZ2-16G-HMH.
Sun A67-HJZ2-4H-004CA1 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - A67-HJZ2-4H-004CA1 Sun Fire X4600 Server A67-HJZ2-4H-004CA1 - 2xAMD Opteron 8216 CPUs, 4GB RAM, 1x73GB HD
Sun A67-HGZ4-4S-016CB1 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - A67-HGZ4-4S-016CB1 Sun Fire X4600 Server A67-HGZ4-4S-016CB1 - 4xAMD Opteron 8218 CPUs, 16GB RAM, 2x73GB HD
Sun A67-HGZ8-4S-032CB1 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - A67-HGZ8-4S-032CB1 Sun Fire X4600 Server A67-HGZ8-4S-032CB1 - 8xAMD Opteron 8218 CPUs, 32GB RAM, 2x73GB HD
Sun 215-ELZ1C11GC1 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - 215-ELZ1C11GC1 Sun Fire V215 Server 215-ELZ1C11GC1 - 1x1.5GHz UltraSPARC IIIi CPU, 1GB RAM, 1x73GB HD
Sun 215-ELZ2C12GC2 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - 215-ELZ2C12GC2 Sun Fire V215 Server 215-ELZ2C12GC2 - 2x1.5GHz UltraSPARC IIIi CPUs, 2GB RAM, 2x73GB HD
Sun 215-ELZ2C18GC2 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - 215-ELZ2C18GC2 Sun Fire V215 Server 215-ELZ2C18GC2 - 2x1.5GHz UltraSPARC IIIi CPUs, 8GB RAM, 2x73GB HD
Sun 245-ELZ1C11GC1 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - 245-ELZ1C11GC1 Sun Fire V245 Server 245-ELZ1C11GC1 - 1x1.5GHz UltraSPARC IIIi CPU, 1GB RAM, 1x73GB HD
Sun 245-ELZ2C12GC2 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - 245-ELZ2C12GC2 Sun Fire V245 Server 245-ELZ2C12GC2 - 2x1.5GHz UltraSPARC IIIi CPUs, 2GB RAM, 2x73GB HD
Sun 245-ELZ2C18GC2 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - 245-ELZ2C18GC2 Sun Fire V245 Server 245-ELZ2C18GC2 - 2x1.5GHz UltraSPARC IIIi CPUs, 8GB RAM, 2x73GB HD
Sun 245-ELZ2C116GC4 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - 245-ELZ2C116GC4 Sun Fire V245 Server 245-ELZ2C116GC4 - 2x1.5GHz UltraSPARC IIIi CPUs, 16GB RAM, 4x73GB HD
Sun 445-EHZ2C2-04CB Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - 445-EHZ2C2-04CB Sun Fire V445 Server 445-EHZ2C2-04CB - 2x1.593GHz UltraSPARC IIIi CPUs, 4GB RAM, 2x73GB 10k HD
Sun 445-EHZ4C2-08CB Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - 445-EHZ4C2-08CB Sun Fire V445 Server 445-EHZ4C2-08CB - 4x1.593GHz UltraSPARC IIIi CPUs, 8GB RAM, 2x73GB 10k HD
Sun 445-EHZ4C2-16CB Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - 445-EHZ4C2-16CB Sun Fire V445 Server 445-EHZ4C2-16CB - 4x1.593GHz UltraSPARC IIIi CPUs, 16GB RAM, 2x146GB 10k HD
Sun 445-EHZ4C2-32CB Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - 445-EHZ4C2-32CB Sun Fire V445 Server 445-EHZ4C2-32CB - 4x1.593GHz UltraSPARC IIIi CPUs, 32GB RAM, 2x146GB 10k HD
Sun A52-CWZ2C408GYB6 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - A52-CWZ2C408GYB6 Sun Fire V490 Server A52-CWZ2C408GYB6 - 2x1.8GHz UltraSPARC IV+ CPUs, 8GB RAM, 2x146GB 15k HD
Sun A52-CRZ2C408GYB7 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - A52-CRZ2C408GYB7 Sun Fire V490 Server A52-CRZ2C408GYB7 - 2x2.1GHz UltraSPARC IV+ CPUs, 8GB RAM, 2x146GB 15k HD
Sun A52-CWZ2C416GYB6 Sun Fire Server
Refurbished - A52-CWZ2C416GYB6 Sun Fire V490 Server A52-CWZ2C416GYB6 - 2x1.8GHz UltraSPARC IV+ CPUs, 16GB RAM, 2x146GB 15k HD

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