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Shop online for used IBM xSeries Power Supplies. We have a large inventory of professionally refurbished IBM xSeries Power Supplies in stock. Browse our huge selection of IBM xSeries Power Supplies below. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, send us a message from our contact form or call us toll free at 1-877-432-4709 and speak with one of our technology experts.
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IBM 46C4971
Refurbished - Force10 C150/C300 1200w Power Supply
IBM 49Y8504
Refurbished - QLogic 12800 Power Supply
IBM 46D0241
Refurbished - QLogic Hot-swap Power Supply for Fabric Director Switches
IBM 69Y0447
Refurbished - 1200w Power Supply (8/16-slot Chassis)
IBM 39Y7932
Refurbished - 12ft Power Cable C13-C14
IBM 172317X
Refurbished - 1U 17in Flat Panel Console Kit
IBM 172319X
Refurbished - 1U 19in Flat Panel Console Kit
IBM 25R5559
Refurbished - 1U Quick Install Filler Panel Set
IBM 25R5785
Refurbished - 2.8m, 200-240V, Triple 16A IEC 320-C20 Power Cable
IBM 25R5560
Refurbished - 3U Quick Install Filler Panel Set
IBM 25R5784
Refurbished - 4.3, 230V, Dual 32A IEC 309 P+N+G / 16A IEC 320-C20 Line Cord
IBM 25R5783
Refurbished - 4.3m, 208V, Double 30A NE MA L6-30P Line Cord
IBM 43W5902
Refurbished - 48V DC Redundant Power Supply 700W
IBM 42C8923
Refurbished - 5U X 20" Tower to Rack Conversion Kit
IBM 39Y8382
Refurbished - 5U x 26" Tower to Rack Conversion Kit
IBM 49Y6873
Refurbished - 5U x 26D Tower to Rack Conversion Kit
IBM 41Y8260
Refurbished - 8GB USB Key for Cisco Unified Communications Solution
IBM 42C5280
Refurbished - AC Power Supply 3 & 4
IBM 40K9627
Refurbished - Acoustic Door Kit for Enterprise Rack
IBM 39Y7930
Refurbished - Argentina 10A line C13 to IRAM 2063 (2.8M)

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