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Shop online for used IBM pSeries Power Supplies. We have a large inventory of professionally refurbished IBM pSeries Power Supplies in stock. Browse our huge selection of IBM pSeries Power Supplies below. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, send us a message from our contact form or call us toll free at 1-877-432-4709 and speak with one of our technology experts.
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IBM 7876
Refurbished - Processor Power Regulator
IBM 7889
Refurbished - Power Supply, 1475 watt AC, Hot-swap, Base and Redundant
IBM 6186
Refurbished - 6186 Bulk Power Regulator
IBM 6200
Refurbished - 6200 Integrated Battery Backup, Primary or Redundant-Front Mounted
IBM 6201
Refurbished - 6201 Integrated Battery Backup, Redundant Rear Mounted
IBM 7837
Refurbished - 7837 Bulk Power Distribution Assembly
IBM 7809
Refurbished - 7809 DC Power Converter, Processor Book
IBM 6240
Refurbished - 6240 Cable, Integrated Battery Backup to Bulk Power Regulator, Primary Rack
IBM 7807
Refurbished - 7807 Cooling Group
IBM 7768
Refurbished - 7768 Processor Power Regulator
IBM 7875
Refurbished - 7875 Processor Power Regulator
IBM 7870
Refurbished - 7870 Power Distribution Backplane
IBM 7888
Refurbished - 7888 AC Power Supply, 1400 W

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